Roger Lawton developed RUGS OF DISTINCTION on a foundation of creativity and desire to provide quality rugs to be used as a key element of interior design.

Central to our work is being passionate about the quality of designs and the materials used in our rugs and always to provide a professional consultative service to our clients.

Also, we insist upon using the best wool yarn as our choice of fibre for sustainability, durability and quality.    Our mission is to design and present beautiful rugs of lasting value and we are proud that they are distinctly, “RUGS OF DISTINCTION”.

We are passionate about producing quality rugs and have developed a long and ethical relationship with experienced teams of weavers in Pakistan who adopt the best production practices and always strive to maintain high ethical and environmental standards within all aspects of rug making and always, the welfare of the weavers remains of paramount importance to us.

Driven by the importance of good design we proudly provide our product to many Interior Designers who place the rugs within their creative and original interiors.

There is no doubt that a rug can dramatically change the ambiance of a room and to achieve the best results it is important that the size, colour and design are right for the space.

The selection process is very personal and requires expertise and guidance and we will assist with every step towards a positive outcome.   We appreciate that this process is both consultative and instructive and should not be hurried.

A professional approach is taken to ensure that the right rug is located for you.